Discovering 5 Shifts of Women Breaking through Burnout

April 4, 2024, 6 PM CST

Female professionals who are feeling stuck in an overwhelmed exhaustion while trying to keep up with life’s incessant demands.

In the 45 Minutes Webinar, You will learn:


How to gain the empowerment, confidence, and inner strength to reconnect with your purpose while enjoying deep restful sleep
How to do all of this without adding burdens of encountering extreme debt and attending continuous trainings (like I did)

Lisbeth Ceballos


I was YOU: ulcers, HBP, pre-diabetic in my 40’s, struggling with my weight, tons of meds…

• I have become antifragile (get better with challenges), from my decades of boldly trying and unapologetically succeeding

• I am a leader, a mindset coach with over 30+ years of leadership/executive experience that expertly combines my unique education, life, and professional experiences to help clients become the best version of themselves

• I am happily married.

Sounds Like You

  • Do you wake up dreading work, constantly anxious, feeling higher stress levels than ever before as your mental health declines and work/life balance is nonexistent?

  • Do you feel exhausted, find yourself overeating, undereating, or turning to alcohol (or other substances) more than usual? Are you too tired to be present for your loved ones… often experiencing headaches, back aches, or digestive issues and disliking yourself because you feel hopeless, depressed?

  • Do you find yourself in this vicious cycle I call, “prison thinking” where you go from guilt to overwhelm, to frustration/anger/disappointment… never ending loop? Questioning your own abilities, and/or your values – blaming yourself for being stuck?

What You'll Learn On This FREE Live Training!

Radical Practice Integrity

Integration means feeling your emotions and listening to your body, radical -not as extreme- to go back to your core, without judging yourself.

Let go Let In

Acting with thought and intention, understanding that every choice you make (and don’t make), impacts you, your health, your life.

Radical Mindset Rebooting

Think about having a problematic computer and dealing with delays, the frustration of programs not functioning correctly, or worse, losing all your work. Rebooting may fix the memory and hardware issues which compels the machine to operate in tip-top shape quickly.

Anchor Your Resolve

Every other expert out there, even the biggest companies that charge fortunes to help develop your “leadership resilience” to avoid burnout, give you tips and practices.

Invest in Coaching

Acting with thought and intention, understanding that every choice you make (and don’t make), impacts you, your health, your life.

How Can I Help?

• I have set aside some time in the next 48 hours to speak to you personally about how you can start applying these shifts for your personal growth, starting TODAY

• Whatever your biggest challenges are… I have seen or lived, and I can help you overcome them

• I will speak on the phone with you for about 45 minutes…

  • My purpose is to serve others to learn and grow their personal and professional brand.
  • I will work with you, to craft a step-by-step game plan to conquer burnout and start living a healthy, purposeful, life

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